The Whatever Demos [MickDude Remaster]

Sound Quality : Soundboard

Length : 37.12

01. Deg's Dinner [MickDude Remaster]
02. Live Forever [MickDude Remaster]
03. Inside Me [MickDude Remaster]
04. Spaceman [MickDude Remaster]
05. Whatever [MickDude Remaster]
06. Alive [MickDude Remaster]
07. Cloudburst [MickDude Remaster]
08. Bring It On Down [MickDude Remaster]
09. Rock N Roll Star [MickDude Remaster]

Whatever, which is missing the "Whatever you do Whatever you say..." lyrics at the end and has synth strings. Bring It On Down, which has "sole of my shoe" rhymed with "don't know who" instead of having "tonight" added to the end of the line. and Deg's Dinner, Inside Me and Spaceman for the different titles.

Sample :
Oasis - Inside Me - The Whatever Demos 1993 [MickDude Remaster]