Meeting Oasis

Saturday 8th July 2000 -
This was the first time Noel was to play with the band since he walked out in May.
The excitment levels were high and on my way to the gig I was driving though Howth (a little village in north Dublin) and I looked to my right hand side and saw someone who was the image of Noel but didn't think it was him. I looked again and realized that it was him. I could not believe it. I had a feeling that I may never get to see the band again after this gig and I have just seen Noel! I pulled in at the side of the road and got a pen and a tape cover of the tape I was listening to at the time and went over to him and asked him if I could trouble him for an autograph. He signed my tape cover (Philadelphia 9th March 1996) and I asked hime if he was looking forward to the gig tonight seeing as it could be the last in Dublin. He said he was really excited and it should be great. What a great start to the day!

Friday 21st February 2003 -
A firend of mine who works in the Four Seasons in Dublin rang me to let me know that GEM, Liam Jay and the crew were staying there for the night of the Late Late Appearence. I went out to the hotel in hope of getting an autograph and maybe a photo if I was lucky. As soon as I walked into the hotel lobby I saw GEM sitting down with Jay and a few others. I got quite exicted and got myself a pint. Then went over to Gem and introduced myself, told him I was a massive fan and got a lovely photo with him and got him to sign my Manchester ticket. He said that Liam would be down in a second if I wanted to hang on. Then the moment I thought would never happen....Liam swaggers through the lobby!! Amazing to finally meet the man. Again got a lovely photo and he signed my Finsbury Pk ticket. I was ecstatic. Two days before my 23rd birthday.