Forum; Milan 30th October 2005


-Master DV (Floor Shot)
-Master DV (Left Side)
-Master DV (Right Side)

Audio : Mix: Master DV (Right Side) + Shard MD-MS701-S + Sony mic (ECM-DS70P)

Length : 93.42

DVD Quality : 3CAM MIX

Fuckin' In The Bushes
Turn Up The Sun
Bring It On Down
Morning Glory
Cigarettes & Alcohol
The Importance Of Being Idle
The Masterplan
Live Forever
Mucky Fingers
Champagne Supernova
Rock 'N' Roll Star
Guess God Thinks I'm Abel
The Meaning of Soul
Don't Look Back In Anger
My Generation

Notes : I started to make this mix more than a year ago. For different reasons, it took longer than planned.

The audio from the cameras was not bad (except the one from left side, that was saturated). I decided to use the right side shot audio plus the FLAC thatīs been around for some time, and mix them instead of create two audio options: Both together sounds better.

So, enjoy, share, but don`t forget to give credit to the original uploaders (especially you, youtube guys)

Special thanks to:

Hangman_it (original uploader)
Birchy (who shared the audio with me)