Heaton Park; Manchester 30th June 2012

Taper : ianmacd

Rig : Factory-paired DPA 4060 microphones (with windshields) -> DPA MMA6000 amplifier (100 Hz low-cut filter) -> Edirol R-09HR recorder (44.1 kHz/24 bit WAV)

Length : 46.20

01. Four Letter Word
02. Beatles And Stones
03. Bring The Light
04. The World's Not Set In Stone
05. Rock 'n' Roll Star
06. The Roller
07. Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
08. Wigwam
09. Morning Glory
10. Sons Of The Stage

Samples :
Beady Eye - Rock N Roll Star - Manchester 30th June 2012 [ianmacd]

Beady Eye - Morning Glory - Manchester 30th June 2012 [ianmacd]

Beady Eye - The World's Not Set In Stone - Manchester 30th June 2012 [ianmacd]


I've studiously avoided Beady Eye until now. Don't get me wrong; I was a big Oasis fan; but Beady Eye to me are just Oasis without the talent. OK, they've still got a great frontman in Liam. He's got the voice, the attitude and the swagger to carry it, but none of that is worth a hoot without the songs.

I'm not a Noel worshipper, mind you. You won't hear me rave on about the High Flying Birds. They're OK, but that album is no classic. The same can be said about the last few Oasis albums, for that matter.

So perhaps it would be the most accurate to say that Noel took with him when he went the ability to write catchy songs and, with it, the potential for another great album one day. He left behind an average backing band.

They say that, if you gave a team of monkeys each a typewriter, it would be only a matter of time before they wrote the bible. One suspects it would take just slightly longer than that before Beady Eye penned a great album.

I know how cruel that sounds, but there's no malice here. Let's just dare to view that debut, in the cold light of day, for what it is.

And now we're here, in Heaton Park, in the cold light of the Mancunian day, enjoying a welcome and much needed dry moment as Beady Eye take to the stage.

They're better live than on record, it has to be said.

The decision to include Oasis songs is a telling one. You see, Noel did that from the start and said, 'Why wouldn't I?', but Beady Eye made a point of not doing it, which makes this reversal seem like a concession of some kind.

Indeed, when 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' ignites the crowd and the huge screens zoom in on Liam's face, devoid of emotion, it's hard to imagine that he isn't thinking of the glory days of his old band. It's got to be bittersweet to still be able to engender that kind of reaction in a field full of 75,000 people, but to know that you'll never produce another classic song capable of the same thing.

There's a new song here, 'The World's Not Set In Stone', which may be of particular interest to fans.

Anyway, they go down very well with the crowd and are certainly a good warm-up for The Stone Roses tonight. We need a good warming up after today's rain.

This recording is actually superior to the one of the Stone Roses I recorded immediately after it, because there was less crowd noise during Beady Eye's set.