Teenage Cancer Trust 2011
The Royal Albert Hall; London 25th March 2011

Source 1: AT838 -> SP-SPSB-10 -> Edirol R-09 (44.1kHz 24 bit)
Source 2: Icom IC-R5 (Liamís ear monitor feed) -> Edirol R-09 (44.1KHz 24 bit)

Length : 72.29

01. Intro
02. Four Letter Word
03. Beatles And Stones
04. Millionaire
05. Two Of A Kind
06. For Anyone
07. The Roller
08. Wind Up Dream
09. Bring The Light
10. Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
11. Kill For A Dream
12. Three Ring Circus
13. The Beat Goes On
14. Man Of Misery
15. The Morning Sun
16. Wigwam
17. Sons Of The Stage

Notes :
Not much of a matrix to be honest. Liam's monitor feed is just his vocal and has an awful echo effect on it so I was limited to how high I can put it in the mix. Four Letter Word is just audience so you can hear how much it adds to the mix by comparing that to the rest of the recording. Liam has a pop at Noel throughout. Just before the show started, a video of Noel talking was played out and the crowd were cheering him. I think Liam was responding to that. If you are wondering what he says at the start of Sons of the Stage, it is "Hub caps, Vauxhall hub caps" (the only advantage of recording this IEM as far as I can tell).