The Sound Academy; Toronto 20th June 2011

Taper : Trexcutt

Rig : EDIROL R-09HR/16bit 44kHz with EDIROL CS-15 mic >> Audacity WAV>> Wave Editor>> FLAC

Length : 69.54

01. Intro / Yellow Tail
02. Four Letter Word
03. Beatles and Stones
04. Millionaire
05. Two of a Kind
06. For Anyone
07. The Roller
08. Wind Up Dream
09. Bring the Light
10. Standing on The Edge Of The Noise
11. Kill for a Dream [inc.]
12. Three Ring Circus
13. The Beat Goes On
14. Man of Misery
15. Morning Son
17. Wigwam
18. Sons of The Stage

Tapers Notes :
Didnt know what to think going in, but really enjoyed the show. An A performance from Beady Eye. Liam voice was amazing overall, the boys played well. Great stuff!!! This was my first ever recording with the EDIROL and really good mic. I think this came out really really good. Enjoy!!!