The Forum; Melbourne 17th October 2002

Taper : Roman79

Rig : CSB (flat filter) > Sony MZR700

Length : 94.43

01. Fuckin In The Bushes 02. Hello
03. The Hindu Times
04. Hung In A Bad Place
05. Go Let It Out
06. Columbia
07. Morning Glory
08. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
09. Little By Little
10. Cigarettes & Alcohol
11. Live Forever
12. Better Man
13. She's Electric
14. Born On A Different Cloud
15. Acquiesce

01. Force Of Nature
02. Don't Look Back In Anger
03. Some Might Say
04. My Generation

Sound Comments/Faults?: Pretty rough, but listenable. I assume I recorded this without an attenuator cable, hence there is clipping throughout the set which is mainly on the vocal and bass guitar. Audience noise is noticeable with background chat and some noticeable audience singing on a couple of tracks.

Show Comments: Great show, but alternate, superior recordings do exist, however it appears the version in circulation doesn’t have the encore track Wonderwall (w/ band).