Pavilhão Atlântico; Lisbon 15th February 2009

Taper : j.mart

Source : AT943's (c) > Church Audio ST-9100 (~+12dB, no HPF) > Sony PCM-D50 (Mic In, WAV 24bit/48kHz)

Length : 1.43.59

Sound Quality : Excellent Audience

01. Fuckin In The Bushes
02. Rock 'n' Roll Star
03. Lyla
04. The Shock Of The Lightning
05. Cigarettes & Alcohol
06. The Meaning Of Soul
07. To Be Where There's Life
08. Waiting For The Rapture
09. The Masterplan
10. Songbird
11. Slide Away
12. Morning Glory
13. Ain't Got Nothin'
14. The Importance Of Being Idle
15. I'm Outta Time
16. Wonderwall
17. Supersonic
18. Don't Look Back In Anger
19. Falling Down
20. Champagne Supernova
21. I Am The Walrus

Sample :
Oasis - The Shock Of The Lightning - Lisbon 15th February 2009 [j.mart]

Taper Notes :
Notes: One of the most boring shows of my life. I don't care about Oasis now, or anything they produced musically during this decade, but I thought it would be fun to see one of my favorite childhood groups live, and since Falling Down was a pretty good single, I went to see them mostly for nostalgia's sake. Not long into the show, I concluded that Oasis should have sticked to giving hilarious interviews since the late nineties, because that's their only decent output over the last 12 years. The sound was terrible, the kick drum was all over the place, and you could barely hear the guitars in the muffled mess produced by the sound guy. I enjoyed some Noel songs, but that's that. And I paid 32€ plus travel expenses to see them... Not cool at all. The recording is one of the worst ones I've made in the last couple of years, but somewhat decent after a quick and dirty edit in Audition. The AT's couldn't cut the ridiculous SPL produced by the kick drum, so there's some distortion when the drummer hits it too hard during some songs, but I think that's fine in comparison to the shitty mix made by Oasis FOH guy. I'm putting this out there because apparently some people still care for them and I'm cleaning my HD. Maybe Noel will do something cool now that he's no longer part of these hacks. Enjoy(?)