Beacon Theatre; New York; NY 14th August '02

Flew out to Boston on the 7th. When I stopped over on the way over, a couple of people I got talking to asked me where I was going, I told them I was off to Boston to see Oasis. They then told me that Noel was in a car crash. I initially thought they were taking the piss but by the time I got to Boston the gig was cancelled. What are the chances ??? There was no way I was flying over to the US to see them and not see them so I checked their schudule over the next week and saw they were playing 3 nights in NY. I got in touch with a firend of mine in NY who got me tickets, they could not be got for love nor money, I knew this was gonna be special.

Made the 6hr journey from where I was staying in Boston to NY on the bus and made my way to the venue, I met GEM and got his autograph and an amazing photograph with him aswell as getting arm-length photos of Liam and Noel, a dream come true. This was amazing. Went to the gig (with my tri-color) and they played a blinding two hour set in a venue not much bigger than the Olympia (An intimate Dublin Venue).

Same set as all the rest of the HC tour gigs with the exception of the acoustic "new" version of Wonderwall which replaced "She's Electric". I really like that version now. Columbia, Hello, Better Man and Cigarettes & Alcohol were the highlights. My Generation and Some Might Say are a fantastic encore though. All Brilliant.

However much to my dismay, when I left in my phots from America (all 5 films) they lady at the counter told me that one came out blank, knowing my luck luck, I knew it would be the ones with GEM and the rest of the boys. I was heartbroken to say the least. I have always wanted to get photos with the band and to get photos of me and them in NY was too good to be true as it turned out.

Best gig I have been to. Being in NY made it all the more special though. Roll on Derry.