Pavilions; Plymouth 12th December 2002

Taper : Petrock2000

Rig : Shure Cardiods > Sound professionals battery box (SB1 if I recall) > Sony TCD-D7 DAT

Sound Quality : Sample Below

Length : 45.45 / 49.22


01. PA Intro / Fuckin In The Bushes
02. Hello
03. The Hindu Times
04. Hung In A Bad Place
05. Go Let It Out
06. Columbia
07. Morning Glory
08. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
09. Little By Little
10. Cigarettes & Alcohol (With Day Tripper Riff)


01. Live Forever
02. Better Man
03. Wonderwall - Acoustic
04. Half The World Away - Acoustic
05. Married With Children - Acoustic
06. Born On A Different Cloud
07. Acquiesce
08. Force Of Nature
09. Don't Look Back In Anger
10. My Generation

Sample :
Oasis - Married With Children - Plymouth 12th December 2002 [REMASTER]

This is probably the third time I have shared this. The issue is that I was on the front barrier and the bass drum killed all sound. The bass drum caused a crackle. In previous versions I killed the sound with plugins. This time I used waves decrackle to fix the bass drum and waves uncompressor to compensate for gain control. This now sounds a lot better than previous versions. Still not the best but the best it can be.