Roseland Ballroom; New York 11th October 1995

Source: Maxell CD Chrome 90 unknown generation cassette (obtained back in 1996/7)
Playback: Technics M6 Stereo Cassette Deck
Transfer: SB Live 5.1 (using KX drivers) > Adobe Audition 1.0 > 16bit/48Khz WAV
Tracking/Encoding: CD Wave > TLH > FLAC@48Khz
sound Quality: VG/VG- (the acoustic tracks sounds a bit better)

Disc (66:08m)
1. Guitar Jam #1 (2:30m) *
2. Guitar Jam #2 (0:39m)
3. UNDERNEATH THE SKY guitar only (0:49m)
4. UNDERNEATH THE SKY instrumental full band (2:43m)
5. Drum Jam (0:19m)
6. HELLO interrupted (0:39m)
7. HELLO sung by Liam (3:14m)
8. Jams (0:49m)
9. CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA sung by Liam (11:17m)
10. Jams / Voice soundcheck #1 (1:17m)
11. DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER false start (0:30m)
12. That Telephone! Jam (0:29m)
13. DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER aborted (0:57m)
14. Tunings (2:57m)
16. Jams / voice soundcheck #2 (2:00m)
17. SOME MIGHT SAY (5:18m)
18. MORNING GLORY (5:03m)
19. Jam (1:11m)
20. Drums check (0:23m)
21. nothing happens here (0:14m)
22. WONDERWALL (acoustic) attempt #1 (1:27m)
23. WONDERWALL (acoustic) attempt #2 (0:11m)
24. WONDERWALL (acoustic) (4:05m)
25. WHATEVER (acoustic) (4:03m)
26. CAST NOW SHADOW (acoustic) (4:03m)
27. TALK TONIGHT (acoustic) (4:21m)

* on the tape traders lists this track is labeled as Live Forever, and the guy that sent me this tape also labeled it as Live Forever, but all that is there of Live Forever is just a few bars and then it goes to a guitar jam.

One for hardcore fans. The soundcheck at the Roseland Ballroom.. i know this one is circulating on MP3, and i also saw in some trade lists various different sources of this recording, some MP3 sourced, some others dont but being mix of different tape sources. This one seems from an unique source, there are some drop outs and changes of sounds, but they seem native to the recording really.

The sound is harsh, and there is hiss there, as my copy seems to be a high geneneration copy really, but the sound is still there and you can hear the songs, voice is clear in some parts at least and some of the drums arranges are audibles. Frequencies looks ok, though they get to 16Khz at max, this means that on the lower copies of this source someone used the NR function or just as it is a multi-generation copy it just lost the highs for being copied over and over. The acoustic tracks sounds a bit better, more listenables, you know, the loud Oasis guitars sometimes don't help :) Also there's a bit of static on the back, (more noticeable by the end of the recording), nothing disturbing at all but when it all gets quiet you can hear it (not always anyway). As i don't have another copy of this i can't compare really with what's going around. I only had this version on tape and never checked another one, though there are others tape transfers they all seem to sound more bad than good.

I didn't do anything to the recording, just transferred the whole tape and leave it as it is. I only edited out the silences at the beginning and end of every side, and a repeated portion of Morning Glory at the beginning of side B.

This is the first tape i ever transferred in my life. Of course it would have been better to transfer a better sounding recording, but i think it came out pretty well for a VG- tape.

As an additional note, if you want to burn this as a CD audio, you'll have to resample to 44Khz first.

So now you have a lossless copy of the Roseland Ballroom soundcheck straight from fan tape.