THE end Radio-Endsession 122
Everett Event Center-107.7; Everett 9th September 2005

Taper : O.D

Rig : Unknown Soundboard Equipment -> CD-R -> MACINTOSH G5 -> BIAS PEAK to Normalize, DSP Gain Envelope, and Export to AIFF -> xACT to cut on CD sectors and convert to FLAC

Length : 26.50

Sound Quality : PRE FM Sounboard - Sample Below

01. Pre-Endsession Instructions from DJ Jennifer White
02. Intro
03. The Importance Of Being Idle
04. Interview Part 1
05. Wonderwall
06. Interview Part 2
07. Live Forever (Performed & Recorded During Endsession Soundcheck

Audio Sample :
Oasis - The Importance Of Being Idle - Endsession 122 [PRE FM]

Taper Notes :
A special thanks to the 107.7 THE end DJ (you know who you are) that was willing to send a CD-R of the Oasis Endsession. This is a soundboard Pre-FM recording that features a never aired performance of 'Live Forever' that was done durning the Endsession soundcheck.

With this being a Pre-FM recording it has the advantages of NO radio station IDs, and best of all you can enjoy all of Noel's F-bombs in their glory since there is no bleeping of the cursing during the interviews. An outstanding quality recording with The Importance Of Being Idle being one of the best acoustic versions to date. Wonderwall was done 'Ryan Adams' style and sounds GREAT with Noel, Gem, and Andy all on acoustic guitars. Live Forever also sounds AMAZING with the added guitars, as well as Noel adds his signitue coughs during the song.

Too bad there are over 10 minutes of talking and only 2 songs played. I wish there would have been a bit less 'drinking' the night before so they could have played a third song.

No EQ work was needed on the recording since it sounds FANTASTIC as is. I did normalize to 100% and ran multiple DSP gain envelopes on the recording to boost the volume on various parts of the interview where it was hard to hear Andy.