Hammerstein Ballroom; New York 8th October 1997

Sound Quality : FM MASTER REEL

Lineage : WBCN- 104.1 FM radio > Yamaha 500 reciever with digital tuner and wire antenna > Teac 3300 reel deck > Maxell UDXL-I 7" reel @ 3.3/4 ips >

Length : [112.56] 70.36 / 57.40


01. Introduction \ Be Here Now
02. Stay Young
03. Stand By Me
04. Supersonic
05. Some Might Say
06. Roll With It
07. D'You Know What I Mean ?
08. Magic Pie
09. Don't Look Back In Anger
10. Don't Go Away
11. Wonderwal
12. Live Forever


13. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!!)
14. Champagne Supernova
15. Fade in/ Out [From Alternate Source]
16. All Around The World [From Alternate Source]
17. Acquiesce
18. Don't Go Away ["late show with David Letterman", N.Y.C. October 9, 1997]
19. Stand By Me [Live on "Rockline" 1997, Noel Acoustic Solo]
20. Don't Go Away [Tonight show with Jay Leno, Los Angeles, Ca. 1997]

Oasis - It's Gettin' Better (Man!!!) - New York 8th October 1997 [FM MASTER REEL Source]


Part of why this is being posted even though another FM version exists is because the end of the last track cuts off in the other version. this one has it complete, and also includes the opening and closing radio announcer commentary from Matt Pinfield. this recording was started at the beginning of the concert and there was no tape flip interruption until track 15 which has been patched in from the other source. this was the 2nd live full length U.S. show of "be here now" material (there were couple of earlier shorter shows on Calif. west coast as opener for U-2) I couldn't find info for the dates of the last 2 tracks. although it's possible that the Rockline track was recorded either in June (as the Howard Stern show was, although the rockline track is apparently not from the Howard Stern show performance) or alot more likely in October of 1997.

All of the last 3 tracks were recorded as filler following the Hammerstein FM show onto the same tape, so obviously they all were recorded after Oct. 8, 1997. they could all come from rebroadcasts, although I think the Rockline song was recorded live as it was performed. I don't know how much more if any was live of that but I think that particular episode was mostly talk and album cuts, none of that is in here. maybe there was one or two more live songs but I think this was the only one played live in that appearance.

Even though they both come from the same source signal feed, there is a difference in sound mix between the 2 diff. FM broadcasts from N.Y. the quality of both is clear.