Massey Hall; Toronto 7th November 2011 [MATRIX]

Source #1
Taped by Donmecca

Source #2
Recorded/transfered by AKACRAIG - Recorded in RSG Row E Seat 99
Edirol R-09HR with Edirol CS-15 mic

Both Uncompressed WAV files used for the Matrix
Time aligned and volume/panning with Cubase SX, nothing else
Splitted with EAC

Length : 97.19

01. Intro IIHAG AA
02. (Itís Good) To Be Free
03. Mucky Fingers
04. Everybodyís On The Run
05. Dream On
06. If I Had A Gun
07. The Good Rebel
08. The Death Of You And Me
09. Freaky Teeth
10. Wonderwall (Acoustic)
11. Supersonic (Acoustic)
12. (I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
13. AKA... What A Life!
14. Talk Tonight
15. Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks
16. AKA... Broken Arrow
17. Half The World Away
18. (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
20. Little By Little
21. The Importance Of Being Idle
22. Donít Look Back In Anger