Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
St.Annes Park; Dublin 5th June 2022

Taper : Johnky []
Remastered & Remixed : The Theiving Magpie

Rig : AT853 [Paired] > Edirol R05 > SD CARD > WavePad > WAV > FLAC > YOU
Settings : Mic Gain : High / Limiter : Off / Low Cut : Off

Websites : /==/

Sound Quality : Audience

Length : 87.39

01. Intro [PA]
02. Fort Knox
03. Holy Mountain -
04. Keep On Reaching
05. It's A Beautiful World
06. She Taught Me How To Fly
07. Wandering Star
08. Rattling Rose
09. We're On Our Way Now
10. Black Star Dancing
11. Dead In The Water
12. Little By Litte
13. The Importance Of Being Idle
14. Whatever
15. Wonderwall
16. Half The World Away
17. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
18. If I Had A Gun...
19. AKA... What A Life!
20. Don't Look Back In Anger
21. The Mighty Quinn

Band :
- Noel Gallagher [Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar]
- Mike Rowe [Keyboards]
- Russell Pritchard [Bass, Backing Vocals]
- Chris Sharrock [Drums]
- Gem Archer [Rhythm & Lead Guitar]
- Jessica Greenfield [Backing Vocals & Additional Keyboards]
- Charlotte Marionneau [Tin Whistle, Scissors, Spoken French, Tambourine & Backing Vocals]
- YSE… [Vocals]

Note :
- Im going to label my recordings from now on.
- I was using my "lucky stones cap" for over 20yrs and recorded 633 gigs with it without getting caught.
- I was using a new cap last night to mount the microphones. Thought my luck might go with it.

I filmed only one track. Holy Mountain.

- Set was slow to start. Black Star Dancing was amazing. Dead In The Water is always special in Dublin as that was where it was recorded.
- SCYHO was fantastic. WW was slightly different, which made it bearable. What A Life! is always amazing.
- Chris was amazing as always. One or two nice glimpses into the crowd from NG with short interactions with the crowd.

As You Were,

Johnky [JK633/001]