Festival Hall; Melbourne 5th January 2018

Taper : eckythump

Rig : Nokia Lumia 930 w/built-in HAAC mics > Audio Recorder Pro app > 16bit/48 KHz PCM/WAV

Sound Quality : Audience - Sample Below

Length : 75.59

00. Fuckin' In The Bushes
01. Rock'n'Roll Star
02. Morning Glory
03. Greedy Soul
04. Wall Of Glass
05. Paper Crown
06. Bold
07. For What It's Worth
08. I'm Outta Time
09. Some Might Say
10. Slide Away
11. Come Back To Me
12. You Better Run
13. Universal Gleam
14. Be Here Now
15. Live Forever
16. Encore Break
17. Cigarettes & Alcohol
18. Wonderwall

Audio Sample :
Liam Gallagher - Slide Away - Melbourne 5th January 2018 [eckythump]

Notes :
A very fired up crowd for this show, perhaps the most boisterous and up for it crowd I've ever seen at Festival Hall (I saw Oasis here in 2005 and this crowd far exceeded the enthusiasm on that night), most likely fuelled by the hot weather (it was the usual furnace conditions inside Festival Hall, though Liam still wore his trademark hoodie), lots of alcohol, and plenty of testosterone (I've never seen a show with so many shirtless tattooed shaved head men sitting on the shoulders of other similarly looking men). Liam and band definitely responded to the crowd, and seemed to really appreciate the response. A great setlist of Oasis songs and songs from his solo album. Normally I'd say 75 minutes for someone with his catalogue of songs wasn't enough, but with the heat and the crowd I'd say it was a perfect length. A great show!

Recording Notes:
Festival Hall is my most hated venue in Melbourne, for sound, comfort and accessibility. It's usually an oven in summer, and it certainly was at this show, I was sweating profusely throughout. For all the drunks and talking however, this sounds pretty good. Before Some Might Say I moved to a different spot as there were some really annoying loud talking drunks behind me, they're not too bad on the recording as they were behind me away from the mics, but it sounds a lot better once I moved. Wonderwall had a massive audience singalong, the loudest I've heard in Festival Hall, but with it came an anonymous woman who sang very loudly and off key, which you can hear, but isn't too distracting. Enjoy with the heater on high if you want to replicate the conditions inside the venue!