The Barrowland; Glasgow 4th March 2011

Taper : welshylad

Rig : SP-CMC-9 -> SP-SPSB-11 -> Edirol R-09HR -> Wav -> Flac

Length : 56.18

01. Four Letter Word
Beatles And Stones [Removed]
02. Millionaire
03. For Anyone
04. The Roller
05. Wind Up Dream
06. Bring The Light
07. Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
08. Kill For A Dream
09. Three Ring Circus
10. Man Of Misery
11. The Beat Goes On
12. The Morning Son
13. Sons Of The Stage

Unfortunately I had major issues with mics on the night. I lost one channel at the beginning, and tried messing about with the mics The rest of the gig I left it alone and only recorded with one channel I then had to clone the left channel when editing. Due to the problems a couple of cuts etc had to be made, sorry about that.

Here's the info:

Track 1 - Beginning is a bit jumpy, and towards the end has some mic interferance
Track 2 - I had to completely remove, no way to salvage this one
Track 3 - Beginning of the track is missing, faded in about 2 minutes before the end

The rest of the show recorded fine with the one channel, I then cloned it post recording.